Today's world requires a new breed of IT Service providers. Knowing .NET / PHP / Java / C is simply not enough anymore. Today's world class solutions require cloud expertise, intricate mobile device knowledge, predictive analytics, machine learning, but most importantly - an Internet of Things (IoT) mentality. That's why we created Redwire Software, your trusted Information Technology service provider.

Our goal, beyond delivering the absolute best we can, is to invest in our people. To that end we have adopted a policy for openness and transparency. Redwire focuses on developing people that can deliver succesful results in any situation, earning us a company description more akin to a talent incubator rather than a traditional outsourcing company.

We are located in the capital of Romania - Bucharest. Come visit us, we'd love to show you our expert team and beautiful country!

We're currently growing our fantastic team in Bucharest! Send your resume at or check out LinkedIn or below.

Snail mail us at our legal HQ located at 28 Regina Elisabeta Blvd, 5th District, Bucuresti, 030167 or email us at .